Continental characteristic service

Intimate service

You only need to provide car fault description or maintenance requirements, we will according to your customized service plan; booking exclusive to your Business Hours and resources not only allows you to enjoy the distinguished treatment can also improve the maintenance personnel service efficiency, save time.

SMS reminder

Warm SMS reminder can provide you with the latest service information, regular maintenance notice, insurance expiration reminder, anytime, anywhere to provide you with the most comfortable service, let you free and worry free car.

Maintain Service

Butler type of maintenance, so that you save time, more worry. The maintenance plan is carefully designed by the experts. The detailed maintenance time and mileage of each maintenance from 3 months or 3000km months after the car are planned, so that you can enjoy the care in every possible way.

24 hours of rescue

No matter when and where, I'm always at your service. A telephone, from your nearest service personnel will come to your side at the fastest speed, for you to solve problems.

Remote service

Innovative to provide you with remote telephone and video technology, so that wherever you can first understand the European technology, enjoy professional full-time protection