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Jiangsu Jinhu continental Automotive Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2011, formally launched in January 2015, the army of small electric vehicle field, and is committed to build the country's largest small-scale pure electric SUV research and development, manufacturing base. The company is located in Jiangsu Economic Development Zone of Jinhu County, a total investment of 2 billion 500 million yuan, an investment 1 billion 250 million yuan, covers an area of 480 acres, has a modern standard workshop 10 thousand square meters, office building area of 1 square, dormitory 1 square. In full accordance with the production process and the traditional standard car, design, workshop and vehicle performance of stamping, welding, painting, built four production line assembly with vehicle detection, the annual production capacity of Lu million electric vehicles.

The company currently employs more than 600 people, including professional and technical management personnel accounted for more than 30% of the total number of university education or above accounted for more than 30% of the total number. Has a more than 20 outstanding experts, professors composed of more than 180 technical research and development team, the well with a number of universities, research institutes, cooperation in research and production: in 2017 the company will reach 1000 personnel scale. The company has invested 260 million yuan of special funding for research and development, according to the traditional automobile development process and regulations; good planning, low speed and high speed development of lead-acid electric science common platform four platform series 8 electric SUV models. The first class A00 electric SUV rover was officially released in March 2016 July 2016, listed for sale. Second AO class high speed electric SU1l will be offline in August 2017. In 2016, the company realized the production and marketing of 6000 vehicles and realized the output value of 200 million yuan. In 2017, the company plans to produce and sell over 30 thousand vehicles, and realize the output value exceeding the other $B. In 2018, the total number of vehicles sold and sold reached 50 thousand units, and the output value reached 1 billion 600 million yuan.

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